Our casting gold alloys were producted by using Engelhard's peculiar technology and know-how improved during 70 years.
  Casting gold alloy was produced by using Engelhard's peculiar technology and Know-how impro-ved during the seventy years, and romoved distrust about the compositin of preciouse metals. Because we use high pure raw material such as 99.99 fine pure gold etc., casting gold alloy doesn-'t contain impurities harmful to the human body.
  We produce casting gold alloy not by usual manufacturing method but by using a high- frequency induction melting method in the vacuum or hydrogen cotained reduction circumstance. Thus, our products have a superior castability and no segregation, and were made by a very simple process becasue any other element doesn't have to be added in the casting melts.
  We manufacure products through the rigorous inspection with correct testing facilities and clinical experiments in agreement withe ISO standards, and enjoy a customer's confidence that our products have a best quality in the world market. Moreover we will guarantee the perfect A/S(exchange rest etc.). In addition, we offer value-added services, such as qualified advice from well-trained dental technician or metallurgist, free instructions on the care of dentures, free analysis & reporting service and more.
  Our company has manufactured goods of thirty species of five type in accord with the international ISO stardard. And it is very economical because our customer can choose the variouse type products in a kind of use, characteristic and types of alloys.
  According to reasonable and clear commercial transaction, we are contributing to the realization of fair distributin structure, and getting a public confidence from the foreign country.